1. Click link at start of each Bill, then click "Submit Testimony." If you don't have an account already, click "register" in the upper right corner first.
2. On the page that pops up, click "continue" on the left (Bill # should already be entered)
3. Fill out the form: name, support, individual citizen, and write a note in the box at the bottom to say why.

CLICK HERE TO TESTIFY.  Inspired by Bellows Air Force Base.   It has been promised to DHHL if and when it is returned to the State.  Letʻs get ready and get it cleaned up first!  Kalaeloa was returned decased ago and some parcels have not been accepted yet as we do not have the funds to care for them.

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CLICK HERE TO TESTIFY.  Inspired by District residents whose Home Owners Association blocked them from installing a cool roof.  Everyone should be able to save $ and be more comfortable in their home.

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CLICK HERE TO TESTIFY. This will allow the State nurseries to be used again for all major State planting projects without fear of spreading diseases.

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CLICK HERE TO TESTIFY. With no cost to the State, this will fund DLNR ongoing efforts to save endangered species which is more effective than having windfarms and other developers try to start their own programs.

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CLICK HERE TO TESTIFY. Require trees from the start in State Projects:  Cheaper and more benefits.

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CLICK HERE TO TESTIFY.  Plan to reduce emissions associated with Hawaii air travel.

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