I co-introduced Bills on all the environmental, education, health and economic issues that I committed to when I ran. It has been thrilling to be part of a legislature that is putting serious money into Hawai’ian homesteader housing, expanding preschool, addressing teacher salary compression, and affordable housing among other things. However, many of the Bills that I wrote myself were ones that I had never planned on, but were direct responses to specific problems in our District that I could not solve without supportive legislation.

For example, I learned at a community meeting at Bellows that they were going to fence off land contaminated with munitions, and that excess military land there had been promised to DHHL.  In response, I wrote a Bill and a Resolution to set the stage to get it cleaned and to start planning for land to be returned. With the tragic abuse and death of a little girl in our District whose adoptive parents were receiving State payments to have her, I wrote a Bill to expand child protective services.  When neighbors were unable to sleep through the night by the new Wendy’s, I wrote a Bill to restrict late night deliveries. When local farmers wanted support to compost, I wrote a bill to make it easier.

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