BIG ISSUE BILLS.  I co-introduced and supported Bills on huge issues that I committed to when I ran. It has been thrilling to be part of a legislature that is put serious money into Hawaiʻian homesteader housing, expanding preschool, addressing teacher salary compression, and building affordable housing among other things. We also did other things I committed to working on, including raising the minimum wage, making the earned income tax credit permanent, and reforming the womenʻs criminal justice system.

REP MARTENʻS BILLS.  Many of the Bills that I wrote myself were direct responses to specific problems in our District that I could not solve without supportive legislation.  For example, I learned at a community meeting at Bellows that they were going to fence off land contaminated with munitions, and that excess military land there had been promised to DHHL.  In response, I wrote and passed a Bill and a Resolution to set the stage to get it cleaned and to start planning for land to be returned. With the tragic abuse and death of a little girl in our District whose adoptive parents were receiving State payments to care for her, I wrote and passed a Bill to expand child protective services that appropriated $8 million and established a task force to recommend changes.  When neighbors were unable to sleep through the night by the new Wendy’s, I wrote a Bill to restrict late night deliveries. When local farmers wanted support to compost, I wrote and passed a bill to make it easier.

COMMUNITY AND STAKEHOLDER PARTICIPATION.  Several legislators now in leadership positions told me it was years before they passed a Bill.  I credit my early success to teamwork with community members who provided input as to their priorities, and whom I subsequently rallied to testify repeatedely as the resulting Bills passed through the legislative process.  Critical teamwork also included collaboration with subject matter Chairs as well as Senators who introduced companion Bills, and collaboration with affected Departments or organizations. I engaged HPD and the prosecutors office to help think through my Bill targetting re-sale of stolen goods and I was told that was the first time they had been asked by a legislator to provide input in this way.  I have always worked in teams and while each Districtʻs legislative office is independent, I have found that my natural inclination to form teams around specific issues can yield results.


PASSED LEGISLATURE - vetoed by Governor


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Passed Senate only