One of our most important jobs is to help individual constituents navigate State services and benefits. We enjoy the challenge of finding the right person at the right State entity to address your concern.  If it is not State jurisdiction, we will direct you to the right City or Federal agency.

My first year in office a big part of our job was working closely with the unemployment office to help constituents resolve issues with their claims, as well as connecting people with vaccines and tests for COVID.  Now, the concerns are as varied as the residents of our district.  Our neighbors are best situated to identify problems where they  live, work and play.  Whether it is traffic hazards, school facilities, chronic criminal activity, pollution, stream blockage, or lack of State services, nothing feels better than making it right.


Vital Records Using this web service, you may order certified copies of birth and marriage/civil union certificates and only of records dating from July 1909 to the present.

Business Complaints Search The website furnishes summary information about certain complaints that have been filed with OCP against individuals and companies who have provided commodities, services or real estate in the State of Hawaii for which a professional or vocational license is required.

Hawaii State Public Meeting Calendar Search, browse, and learn about public meetings & events in the State of Hawaii.

Charity Search Here you will find access to information about registered and exempt charitable organizations and their CCV partnerships.

Criminal History Search eCrim allows you to search for and view an individual's conviction information from HCJDC's criminal history record files.

Food/Financial Benefits Find out information about Department of Human Services, DHS Benefit, Employment and Support Services Division (BESSD) including SNAP and Financial Assistance, and DHS Medical Assistance Programs, also called QUEST Integration, Fee-for-Service, Long Term Care.

Hawaii State Legislature The Hawaii State Capitol website where you can find out about hearings, bills, resolutions, legislators, and more.

Na Ala Hele Trails and Access Program “Na Ala Hele” is the State of Hawai‘i Trail and Access Program. It was established in 1988 in response to public concern about the loss of public access to certain trails and the threat to historic trails from development pressure. Na Ala Hele has become increasingly engaged in trail management and regulatory issues due to both public and commercial recreational activities and emerging legal issues. Na Ala Hele is administered by the Division of Forestry and Wildlife – Department of Land and Natural Resources.

Professional License Search License information on this site reflects posted information in the Professional and Vocational Licensing Division as of 03/05/2022; however, the information does not reflect changes which are being reviewed or have not been posted. This site is normally updated daily, Monday through Friday, except holidays with changes that have been posted.

Sex Offender Search Covered Offender search displays sex offenders and other covered offenders registered with the State of Hawaii.

Tax Filing and Payment The Department of Taxation (DOTAX) has many electronic services (e-services) that allow you to self-serve on Hawaii Tax Online.

State Road Work Planned construction and maintenance closures for state roads are published here every Friday. The Lane Closure Map (all islands) and roadwork pages are published to raise awareness and help motorists prepare.

Traffic Information Camera views of major roads for additional traffic assistance.

Unclaimed Property Search  The information in this database is provided as a method for individuals or businesses to locate unclaimed property.

Unemployment For all questions and information related to unemployment/

Trash/Green Waste/Bulky Items/Recycling For pick up schedules, drop off locations, and additional information related to waste.

City Directory Any customer service related to the city and county of Honolulu

State Directory All online services related to the state of Hawaii.

Hawaii SAVIN (Statewide Automated Victim Information & Notification) Offers victims and concerned citizens free, anonymous, and confidential access to timely information and notification 24-hours a day, 365 days a year on the custody and parole status of offenders under the jurisdiction of the State Of Hawaii’s Department of Public Safety. Registered users will receive notification via email, text, and/or phone call. A live operator assistance is always available to address your questions.


Abandoned Vehicle Report Here you are able to report an abandoned or derelict vehicle one at a time. An abandoned vehicle is a vehicle parked on public roadways that has not been attended to for more than 24 hours. A derelict vehicle is a vehicle parked on public roadways that is missing major components and renders it inoperable.

PUC Violations (tour van/bus operations) If you witness a motor carrier violating the rules and regulations of the Commission or have a complaint against a motor carrier, you may report it to the Commission through this website.

Short Term Vacation Rental Violations You can report illegal short-term rental activities of less than 30 days. Check the Approved STRs to first determine whether the rental is permitted. If the STR is legal, you will find it listed. To report a violations, please be prepared to provide the location address and, if applicable, apartment number of the unit being used for short-term stays.  Rentals are often advertised through online platforms.  Include any advertisement information when reporting a violation. These reports are submitted to the Department of Planning and Permitting.  Any personal information provided is kept strictly confidential.

Potholes (City Street)  Visit this website to report a pothole on a city street anywhere on Oahu.

Potholes (State Highway) For any road problems on any state highways, report through this website.

Trees on Public Property For inquiries related to trees, visit this website. It is the City's goal to preserve as many trees as possible. To this end, trees will not be removed unless dead, dying diseased, or severely damaged. It is natural for trees to drop their leaves, flowers, seeds, etc., due to prevailing winds and seasonal cycles. By City ordinance, property owners are responsible for keeping the public areas abutting their property free of litter. (ROH Sec. 14-20.1) City street trees are the property of the City & County of Honolulu. Destroying them is against the law and DPR will pursue criminal charges, if warranted.

Building Code Violations  The Department of Planning and Permitting provides public services to file complaints for possible permit and construction code violations. Individuals can file complaints with the City and the Department.

General City Complaints To file a complaint or make a request of the City, visit this website.

Marine Debris Visit this website for information related to marine debris.  To report large quantities of marine debris, debris with living organisms on it, or debris too large to remove by hand, call: (808) 587-0405, and e-mail any photos to  and

Natural Resources Violations (DLNR) The Division of Conservation and Resources Enforcement (DOCARE) effectively upholds the laws that serve to protect, conserve and manage Hawaiʻi’s unique and limited natural, cultural and historic resources held in public trust for current and future generations of visitors and the people of Hawai’i nei.

Hawaii Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program The LTCO identifies, investigates, and resolves complaints that are made by, or on behalf of residents, and related to action, inaction, or decisions that may adversely affect the health, safety, welfare, and rights of residents of long term care facilities such as nursing homes, adult residential care homes, assisted living facilities, and other long-term care settings.